ESG Compliance

Understand the environmental, social, and governance requirements to make your company environment and investor-friendly.

What is the objective of this Learning course?

The corporate reporting landscape is rapidly changing as investors and other stakeholders demand more information and transparency from companies. These stakeholders now require companies to provide a voluntary ESG report on their priorities, plans, and performance related to sustainability and value creation.

Our eLearning module on ESG aims to provide comprehensive information on sustainability reporting and the best practices and strategies to make an organization environment and investor-friendly.

Why should you enroll?

  • ​Understand the environmental, social, and governance components and get an overview of the international standards related to ESG.
  • Know how to prepare an ESG sustainability report.
  • Learn about the best practices followed by top global organizations.

Who can join?

  • Entrepreneurs/key managerial personnel/start-up founders.
  • Employees from all streams.
  • Business professionals and decision-makers of companies.
  • Anyone who seeks to gain information about ESG sustainability reporting.