Indigenous Awareness

Learn about Canada’s indigenous communities and tailor your workplace to be respectful and inclusive for them.

What is the objective of this Learning course?

Indigenous people have deep-rooted traditions that others may not be aware of but must respect. This eLearning module will be all about exploring such traditions and cultural practices of indigenous people in Canada. This module aims to create awareness about Indigenous people and propose ways to strengthen relationships with them in workplaces.

Why should you enroll?

  • ​Learn about the interesting history and culture of Canadian Indigenous people.
  • Understand Indigenous people’s complex social, political, economic, and cultural systems.
  • Understand how to create awareness about Indigenous people and how to strengthen relationships with them.
  • Know the key steps and measures to ensure an inclusive, safe, and empowering workplace.

Who can join?

  • Entrepreneurs/key managerial personnel/start-up founders.
  • Employees from all industries.
  • Business professionals and decision-makers of companies.
  • Human Resource personnel.
  • Anyone who seeks to gain information on issues related to Indigenous awareness at the workplace.