For fair and transparent legal & regulatory practices of an organization.

Prevention of Workplace sexual harassment, discrimination & violence

Helping your organization adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards workplace harassment, discrimination & violence.

Diversity & Inclusion

Make your workplace more inclusive and empowering for employees across ages, genders, and diverse cultures.

ESG Compliance

Understand the environmental, social, and governance requirements to make your company environment and investor-friendly.

Intellectual Property & Innovation Management

Everything you need to know about the identification, protection, and commercialization of the intellectual assets of your company.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

Legal compliance and best practices to ensure that your organization’s valuable information is protected.

Indigenous Awareness

Learn about Canada’s indigenous communities and tailor your workplace to be respectful and inclusive for them.

Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption

Understand the different types of corruption in the workplace and learn to identify, avoid, and safely report bribes.

Inclusive education

Helping your educational institution to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, discrimination, and ragging as per the applicable laws.